We experimented with all sorts of combos that would bring tears of joy to the face of anyone with even half a sweet tooth. Huge chunks of chocolate, gooey toffee, crunchy honeycomb, crumbling cookies, fresh fruit, and crackin' nuts were piled high to decadent and delicious effect on our concoctions. All with the aim of helping businesses creating desserts so divine they could not be denied.

A Waffle obsession and infatuation

It wasn't long before our passion for creating became our business. We started it small, pleasing one customer at a time with our impossibly-tasty creations but it wasn't long before word spread about the 'new dessert-kid in town' and demand grew and grew.

Our obsession and on-going infatuation have continued to this day and we still make the tastiest waffles and crepes pleasing thousands of sweet-toothed customers year on year.



American Desserts are proud to launch the only UK  8inch true American digital waffle machine with changeable plates (Smaller plates if required).
The digital thermostat and timer ensure that you are cooking at the perfect temperature and time every time you cook a waffle! One plate is slightly hotter than the other as this makes one side of the waffle slightly crispier making it better for deliveries and presentation. The timer is started by turning the waffle machine and the countdown will ensure that you know when to remove the waffle for the perfectly cooked waffle every time. The only waffle machine on the market where the thermostat is changeable to ensure that the machine is always at the right temperature for the changeable plate you are using.

Our waffle plates are removable so you can try new ideas whenever you want. You can even replace them by purchasing replacement plates so your waffle machine will continue to operate for years to come. We have been making waffle machines in the USA now in the UK for years and we are confident you will love this machine.



Nate L.

Professional dessert shop owner.

“Been running my dessert shop in Liverpool for several years with amazing success, the reason I am no1 as I'm the only shop doing genuine American waffles in the area. I'm a local legend and looking to open my 3rd store soon”